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Transparent soap bars specially designed for travel resorts

Transparent soap bars specially designed for travel resorts
Small beauty bars made of glycerine, ideal for hotels and guest houses
Neatly packed paper box soap bars perfect for hospitals
Hotel soap bars weighing 20 grams, presented in a convenient paper box for guest amenities
90PCS of hotel soap bars, neatly packed in a paper box

Zicniccom (90 pcs) Hotel Soap Bar-Hotel Guest amenities soaps 10 grams -90PCS-for Hotels, Guest house,Travel,Resorts.Hospital with Neatly packed

  • Hotel Soaps 10 grams with Butter paper pack and Paper box packing
  • 90 pcs Soap packed in neat laminated paper box
  • Quality soaps with premium packing and light fragrance
  • soaps small / Mini Hotel Toileteries soaps for Hotel Guest amenity and Toiletries to welcome guest
  • Hotel use Mini Guest Soaps and Toiletries for Guest amenities
  • Hotel soap wrapped bars



Hotel Guest Soaps 90 pcs set for Hotel-spa-Salon

High-quality Hotel Soap Bar: 90PCS of Neatly Packed 10 Grams Guest Amenities Soaps - Perfect for Hotels, Guest Houses, Travel, Resorts, and Hospitals

Quantity: The package includes 90 pieces of hotel soap bars, ensuring an ample supply for hotels, guest houses, travel accommodations, resorts, and hospitals.
Guest Amenities: These soap bars are specifically designed as guest amenities, providing a pleasant and refreshing experience for hotel guests, travelers, and hospital patients.
10 Grams Size: Each soap bar weighs 10 grams, making it convenient for single-use and ensuring that guests have enough for their stay.
Neatly Packed Paper Box: The soap bars are neatly packed in a paper box, maintaining their cleanliness and presentation, while also making them easy to distribute to guests.
Small Beauty Bars: The soap bars offer a small size that is suitable for travel and short-term stays, providing a touch of luxury and comfort to guests during their stay.
With these high-quality hotel soap bars, establishments can enhance the guest experience by offering a convenient and refreshing amenity for their stay.