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Zicniccom Hair Comb for Hotel-(50 pcs) PAPER POUCH-PACKED-Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs for Hotels guest amenity kit provided by hotels, salons-SPA

  • 50 pcs Pocket Hair comb-eco friendly paper packed  
  • Travel Pocket Comb for camping,picnic,hiking,spa  
  • Hotel guest combs -Pocket comb for Hotels, Guest House,salon,spas  
  • Combs for SPA-Beauty parlours-disposable eco friendly paper pouch  
  • Hair Combs for Hair Treatments salons,parlour and Spa  


Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs-7"Inch-100 PCS SET

Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs-100 PCS SET : The Perfect Addition to Hotel Guest Amenity Kits

Enhancing Guest Experience: Disposable pocket plastic combs are becoming a staple in hotel guest amenity kits. These combs provide a convenient and hygienic solution for guests to groom their hair during their stay.

Versatile Hair Care: Whether it's a quick touch-up or a complete hairstyle transformation, these combs cater to diverse guest needs. From untangling knots to styling on-the-go, they offer practicality and ease of use.

Travel-Friendly Design: Designed with portability in mind, pocket-sized plastic combs are ideal for hotels, salons, and AirBNBs. Their compact size ensures guests can carry them effortlessly in their pockets or handbags.

Bulk Packaging: Hotels understand the importance of supplying an ample number of combs to meet guest demands. Poly-packed hair combs, available in packs of 100, ensure an abundant supply for guest rooms.

Superior Guest Comfort: Plastic hair combs, specifically curated for hotel rooms, provide a comfortable grooming experience. Their smooth teeth and sturdy construction ensure durability, making them suitable for repeated use.

An Essential Guest Amenity: Alongside other toiletries, these hair combs complement the range of guest amenities in hotels and salons. Their inclusion demonstrates attention to detail and a commitment to guest satisfaction.

Hygiene and Convenience: Disposable plastic combs are the perfect choice for hotels and AirBNBs, ensuring guests receive a fresh comb for each stay. This eliminates any concerns about hygiene and adds an extra layer of convenience.

Carefully Packaged: Poly-packaged hair combs offer added protection and cleanliness. Guests can trust that their comb is free from any contaminants, creating a hygienic experience throughout their stay.

Versatile Applications: Plastic combs find utility not only in hotels but also in guesthouses and other accommodation options. They cater to the diverse needs of travelers, providing a hair care solution during their journeys.

Thoughtful Room Supply: Hotel guest rooms are equipped with these practical hair combs, available in packs of 100, to ensure an ample supply for every guest. It's a small but significant detail that adds to the overall comfort and satisfaction of the stay.