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Zicniccom PolyesterToiletries Kit-10 sets for hotels, Eco- Small Luxury Hotels,Boutique Hotel,Lodge, hospitals,Traveler Amenity Kit

- Convenient toiletries kit with 10 sets for hotels, eco-small luxury hotels, boutique hotels, lodges, hospitals, traveler amenity kits, and weddings.
- Eco-friendly materials used in the toiletries kit for a sustainable approach.
- High-quality products including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, and more for a luxurious guest experience.
- Professionally packaged toiletries for an upscale presentation and guest satisfaction.
- Travel-friendly and compact toiletries perfect for guests on the go.
- Customizable options available to add a personalized touch with hotel or event branding.
- Cost-effective solution with 10 complete sets in each package.
- Enhance guest impressions and satisfaction with premium toiletries in a convenient kit.

Zicniccom-POLYPACK (48 Set) Dental Kit with small Toothpaste - Hotel Dental Kit Set with one toothpaste & toothbrush- for Hotel Toiletry

 Convenient Dental Kit Pack: The dental kit provides hotels, resorts, hospitals, and homestays with a convenient and essential dental Kit.
Complete Set: Each poly-pack contains 48 dental kits, consisting of a toothbrush and a small-sized toothpaste, ensuring guests have everything they need for their oral hygiene.
Travel-Friendly: Compact and lightweight, the dental kits are designed to be travel-friendly, making them ideal for guests on the go.
High-Quality Toothpaste: The dental kit includes a premium-quality toothpaste, offering effective cavity protection and a fresh, minty flavor.
Hygienic and Individually Packaged: Each dental kit is individually packed, ensuring hygiene and providing guests with a clean and sanitary dental care experience.
Versatile Usage: Suitable for hotels, resorts, hospitals, and homestays, the dental kits can also be used as amenity kits for travel purposes, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay for guests.
Customer Satisfaction: The dental kit set is designed to meet the needs and expectations of hotel guests, ensuring their dental-kit requirements are met during their stay.
Professional and Presentable: The dental kits are professionally packaged, adding a touch of sophistication to hotel toiletries and amenity offerings.
Cost-Effective Solution: With the poly pack containing 48 dental kits, hotels and accommodations can provide dental care amenities to a larger number of guests without compromising on quality or budget.


8 Pcs-Potli Bags Pouch (6 x 4-inch, Pure Cotton) - Set of 8-Women's Potlis & Wristlets for Gifts,Packing,Return Gifts,Wedding

• 100% Pure Cotton Material - Bags made from high-quality, natural cotton fabric
• Drawstring Closure - Convenient drawstring design for easy opening and closing of the bag
• Eco-Friendly and Sustainable - Cotton is a renewable resource, making these bags an environmentally conscious choice
• Handcrafted Potli Bags - Each bag is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, adding a touch of uniqueness
• Ethnic and Traditional Base Designs - Embellished with intricate prints inspired by Indian culture
• Lightweight and Portable - Easy to carry, making them ideal for Small Gifts,parties, weddings, festivals, and other events
• Versatile Usage - Can be used as gift bags, favor bags, jewelry pouches, or for storing small items
• Durable and Long-Lasting - Cotton material ensures the bags are sturdy and can withstand regular use
• Easy to Clean - Can be hand-washed or machine-washed, allowing for convenient maintenance
• Suitable for Gifting - Perfect for presenting gifts to friends, family, or colleagues on special occasions

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Zicniccom Hair Comb for Hotel-(50 pcs) Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs for amenity kit provided by hotels, salons, Guest amenities, AirBNB

•50 pcs Pocket Hair comb
•Travel Pocket Comb for camping,picnic,hiking
•Hotel combs -Pocket comb for Hotels, Guest House
•Combs for SPA-Beauty parlours-disposable
• Hair Styling Comb Set - Includes different types of combs for various styling techniques
• Fine-Tooth Comb - Perfect for precise styling and creating sleek looks
• Comb with Handle - Provides a comfortable grip for easy combing and styling


Zicniccom (Pack of 12) |Salon Black Hair Dye Brush/Mehandi Hair Colouring Brush (Big) For Men | Women ) |SALON/SPA/Parlour Professional Hair

  • (Pack of 12) |Salon Black Hair Dye Brush/Mehandi Hair Colouring Brush  
  • Pack of 12 Salon Black Hair Dye Brushes, perfect for professional hair coloring and dyeing.  
  • Designed for both men and women, providing precise and controlled application of hair dye or mehandi (henna)  
  • Ideal for use in salons, spas, parlors, or personal hair coloring sessions.  
  • Professional-grade brushes for salon and spa professionals, offering high-quality results  



Zicniccom Hair Comb for Hotel-(50 pcs) PAPER POUCH-PACKED-Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs for Hotels guest amenity kit provided by hotels, salons-SPA

  • 50 pcs Pocket Hair comb-eco friendly paper packed  
  • Travel Pocket Comb for camping,picnic,hiking,spa  
  • Hotel guest combs -Pocket comb for Hotels, Guest House,salon,spas  
  • Combs for SPA-Beauty parlours-disposable eco friendly paper pouch  
  • Hair Combs for Hair Treatments salons,parlour and Spa  


Zicniccom -12 Pcs-Drawstring Transparent (9x7 inch ) Organza Potli bags, Wedding return gifts,Candy bags,birthday Gift Goodies ,DIWALI GIFTS,Dry fruit

  • Transparent Potli Bags 12 pcs Pack set  
  • Drawstring Gift bags 9 "x 7 " Inch  
  • Organza Potli Bags  
  • Jewelry Potli bag  
  • Potli transparent bags for Baby Shower  
  • Potlis bags for Birthday party  


12 Pcs-Potli Bags Pouch (8 x 6-inch, Pure Cotton) - Set of 12-Women's Potlis & Wristlets for Gifts,Packing Return Gifts Wedding

  • Womens Potli Bags for Gifts  
  • 100 % pure cotton Drawstring Potli bags  
  • Set of 12 Potli Bags Pouches, perfect for gifts, packing, return gifts, and weddings.  
  • Made from pure cotton material, ensuring a soft and eco-friendly option for your belongings.  
  • Perfect for weddings, festivals, parties, or any special occasion where gift-giving or elegant packaging is desired.  


(05 sets) Wedding Toiletries Kit-Travel Toiletry set-Clinic Hospital Kit-Hotel-Welcome Guest amenities-Stay-resorts-guest house

  • Hotel and Wedding Toiletry kit sets used for Bathroom amenities  
  • Guest House & Company stay VIP kits  


Zicniccom-25 Pcs Laundry Bags with Drawstring- 13"x19", (Pack of 25 PCS-DISPOSABLE Polyester Cloth Laundry bags for Hotels) for Hospitals,Resorts

  • MATERIAL---Our Laundry bags are made of Poylester & Disposable Type.  
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : 13 Inch x 19 " inch Drawstring Laundry bags of polyester  
  • Pack Size : 25 Pcs Pack of Disposable Drawstring Laundry bags of 13 "x 19 " with Draw strings.  
  • Uses /Application : These Disposable Cloth Laundry bags are generally used by Star Hotels,Company guest Houses,Resorts,,Budget Hotels , as disposable Laundry bags , keept in room of Hotels, Hospitals,Guest house  
  • Industries using this : Hotels , Guest Houses, Hospitals, Company stay guest houses  


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Zicniccom - (4 pcs) Eco Friendly Pure-Designer-Natural-Cotton Zipper Canvas Pouch Travel Toiletries,Pencil Carry Case, 4pcs (Set of 4 Units -Size 8" X 5" | Multicolour)

•Canvas Cotton-4PCS- art paintable zipper pouch,Organic CanvasPencil Zipper Pouch made of Pure Cotton
•Can be used as Hotel Guest Amenity Toiletry Pouches
•4 pcs -Canvas Cotton Make-up Zipper Pouch/Travel Toiletries Kit Pouch
•Multipurpose Zipper cosmetics Toiletries Zipper Pouch
•4 pcs-Gift Organic Cotton Pouch for WeDDING/Events function-Eco friendly Gifts
•Eco Friendly: use eco friendly pure canvas cotton instead of PVC /PLastic Pouch made by women empowering company
•Premium Quality: Made from pure natural cotton, these pouches are soft, durable, and built to last.
•Multi-Purpose Functionality: Use them as cosmetic bags, makeup pouches, travel toiletry bags, or pen/pencil bags.
•Embrace Sustainability: Make a positive impact by choosing our cotton canvas pouches for your everyday needs.

SHAVING KIT -kraft brown PouchFOR HOTEL USE-50 Sets Of Hotel Accessories, Guest House Kit Shaving Kit (1 Razor & 1 Shaving Gel, Sachet 4 G) Pack Of 50 Sets.

  • Shaving kit for Hotels- 25 sets,WITH KRAFT PAPER POUCH  
  • Shaving Kit- With 1 Razor and one 4 gm Shaving Gel  
  • Shaving Kit for Homestays,Hospital,guest house  
  • Enhances the guest experience by providing a thoughtful Guest amenit for Mens grooming  
  • Each set includes 1 razor and 1 shaving gel sachet (4g), providing all the essentials for a comfortable shaving experience.