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Hotel Toiletry Kit -Shampoo and Shower gel-100 pcs each

25 ML Shampoo for hotels 50 Pcs - and  25 ML Shower gel for hotels 50 Pcs


  • Convenient and compact shower gel options specifically designed for hotels
  • Miniature bottles of shower gel for a comfortable stay
  • Tailored for travelers looking for a compact toiletry solution
  • Ideal for those who prefer to pack light and minimize luggage space
  • Easily fits in carry-on bags or toiletry kits
  • Ensures guests have access to high-quality shower gel during their stay
  • Provides a refreshing and rejuvenating shower experience
  • Available in 25 ml Shampoo packaging, perfect for short-term stays
  • Thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of hotel guests
  • Enhances the overall comfort and convenience of hotel accommodations
  • Delightful mini shower gel bottles offered as part of hotel amenities
  • Compact and charming bottles that add a touch of luxury to the guest experience