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Zicniccom Hair Comb for Hotel-(50 pcs) PAPER POUCH-PACKED-Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs for Hotels guest amenity kit provided by hotels, salons-SPA

  • 50 pcs Pocket Hair comb-eco friendly paper packed  
  • Travel Pocket Comb for camping,picnic,hiking,spa  
  • Hotel guest combs -Pocket comb for Hotels, Guest House,salon,spas  
  • Combs for SPA-Beauty parlours-disposable eco friendly paper pouch  
  • Hair Combs for Hair Treatments salons,parlour and Spa  


Disposable pocket plastic combs designed exclusively for hotels-spa-salon
₹499.00 ₹599.00
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- Disposable pocket plastic combs designed exclusively for hotels
- A must-have hair comb for hotel guest amenity kits
- Versatile hair comb suitable for hotels, salons, and AirBNBs
- Zicniccom hair comb, the perfect choice for hotel guest amenities
- Poly-packed hair comb for convenient inclusion in hotel guest amenity kits
- Travel-sized hair comb, ideal for hotel guest amenities on the go
- Disposable plastic combs, ensuring hygiene and convenience for hotel guests
- Hair comb specifically tailored for guest amenities in the hospitality industry
- Pocket-sized plastic combs, a practical addition to hotel guest amenity kits
- Hair comb designed for travel and various accommodation establishments